Monday, September 19, 2011

The Best of Seasons

My New Best Angle
One of my short-term objectives is to refine my wardrobe.  While my plans for the future are far from being settled, Tim and I intend to move out of the country within the next few months and, since such a cross-continental journey will require us to pare down our collection of stuff, I hope to use this move as an opportunity to fine-tune my closet.  I have, not surprisingly, acquired quite a heap of clothes over the years.  As much as I would love to ship every last deconstructed sweater, novelty pin, or pair of animal-print socks across the Pacific Ocean, I will most likely be living in a much smaller space once we've found our home abroad and, frankly, I doubt that I will want to spend upwards of a hundred dollars simply to ship one package of goofy socks.  It has been fun for me to think about how I might pare down pieces and create an ultimate wardrobe before we make the big move abroad.  For instance, I been thinking a lot about concepts I never really considered such as versatility, dressing for the seasons, and durability and I've had a lot of fun exploring these ideas through new-to-me outfits.  The outfit I wore last Saturday was my first attempt at dressing for autumn and, while I certainly won't be able to do this everyday, I think it was quite the success.
One Autumnal Duo
Hands Hands Hands!
I think that seasonality, especially in how it pertains to fashion, is an endlessly fascinating subject. From my casual observations of the world around me, it seems like seasonality is becoming a hop topic in both pop culture and alternative media alike - reality shows like Top Chef tout the importance of fresh and local ingredients, farmers' markets seem to have sprung up in nearly every neighborhood in Seattle, and it seems like everyone I know is salivating over those infamous pumpkin-spiced lattes. Fashion, while certainly not dependent on crops or harvests, does seem to interpret the seasons in interesting ways. Upon experiencing my first autumn in the fashion blogging world a year ago, I was amazed by how many bloggers were able to smoothly transition to a sea of burnt orange, mustard, and crimson hues from the moment September arrived. Some bloggers seemed to more subtly mix autumnal colors with items from previous seasons while others appeared to be walking pile of fallen leaves. As much as I would like to have the dedication or closet space needed to amass a seemingly-endless collection of seasonally-appropriate clothing, I think I've realized that I'm more about wearing versatile items that compliment one another than dressing for the seasons. Never do I want to feel like I can't wear my beloved pastels just because they're not traditionally worn in cooler weather At this point, I will not hesitate to pair autumnal hues if I have enough pieces to make an outfit work however, as much as I admire others that dress to match their surroundings, I'm just not that kind of girl.
Another Autumnal Duo
An Uncomfortable View of the Squirrel Pin
It is, admittedly, going to be a challenge for me to weed through my wardrobe and determine which items feel the most like me. While I likely won't spend too much time worrying over how my clothing and accessories may match the seasons, I consider selecting versatile items that can transition between multiple seasons and climates to be of the utmost importance. Layering, a concept that was once foreign to me, will certainly be essential when I move abroad. For instance, when Tim and I traveled to Japan last winter, I learned that most business will have their heat jacked up to a sweltering degree in an attempt to combat the frigid temperatures outside and, well, this led to uncomfortable meals. I hope to have enough layering pieces someday that I'll be comfortable even in the isolated and frigid region of Hokkaido. Ultimately, my wardrobe is bound to evolve with me as a I prepare to transition to a new life abroad and, much like how I can hardly contain my excitement for what the next few months will bring, I just can't wait to experiment with and redefine my style.
Smilng with my Face and my Eyes
Vintage Hat
Thrifted Vintage Sweater
Vintage Skirt
Wild Diva Shoes
BDG Belt
Vintage Squirrel Pin

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