Monday, August 22, 2011

Sweet and Dandy

Sweet Gingham (Full)
One aspect of outfit design that I have yet to master is the art of accessorizing. While I have always had a modest collection of accessories, I never used to wear much jewelery because I felt that it competed too much with the rest of my outfit - I would frequently wear loud tops with ever louder tights so, in an effort to create some balance, I seldom pulled from my collection of quirky trinkets. My approach to accessories has changed as my style continues to evolve. As of now, I am making a decisive effort to incorporate more necklaces, brooches, and cuffs into my wardrobe however, after avoiding accessories for so long, I'm unsure of where to begin. The thought of pairing necklaces with dresses or, worse yet, wearing multiple items at once is simply overwhelming. Fortunately, one benefit of incorporating fashion as a regular feature on Malarkey Magoo is that it forces me to think more consciously about what I wear and, even if an outfit isn't perfectly composed the first go around, these photographs can serve as an invaluable springboard for style-centered reflection.
Sweet Gingham Duo
Sweet Gingham (Shoes)
I wore this dress for my Grandma's birthday party and, while I know that Grandma wasn't observing my outfit with a critical eye, I still felt unsure about the styling. As I was envisioning this outfit, I was torn between two different routes of inspiration - I was drawn to the notion of pairing this dress with overtly girly accessories however, if I swapped the bows for lilac boots and a scarf tied bandana-style, I thought I could pull off some sort of power puff cowgirl look. My boots at least made it on during the 'trying on' portion of the styling process but, ultimately, I settled on the more familiar girly look. While I do love how the pink shoes and over-sized straw hat to give off an air of and exceptionally saccharine and youthful form of femininity, I am unsure if the kitty cameo necklace was the right choice for this composition. Does it blend in too much with the bodice of the dress? Would a shorter necklace have been better and, if so, should I have chosen something delicate or one that would have made more of a statement? My necklace collection doesn't even include this many options! Of all the elements that seem to trigger my obsession, I just can't stop mulling over how these details can impact the overall look of an outfit and, at this rate, I'll either never leave the house or will end up photographing outfits a dozen times over until I reach some tangible form of perfection.
Sweet Gingham Duo, with Pockets!
Sweet Gingham (Close-Up)
A more comprehensive jewelry collection will certainly make pairing a bit easier but, in the meantime, I am going to try to shake my obsession with comprising perfect outfits. Much like how one can hardly hope to devise the perfect recipe for snickerdoodles since individuals have their preferences when it comes to the flavor and texture of cookies, it is nearly impossible to create a perfect outfit since there are so many ever-changing variable. Perhaps this outfit would have fit my image of perfection if I had worn a different necklace, however, what will I do when these shoes wear out? Will I just throw out the dress because it can never worn quite as well with other shoes? Of course not! If anything, I hope that I continue to experiment with fashion and to throw combinations together that are not completely in line with my sense of style because, ultimately, I want to my style to grow. It's incredible for me to observe how my style is evolving so quickly and I want to foster this growth for as long as possible. I am, in spite of fumbles and obsessive analysis, ready to accessorize!
Sweet Gingham (Full, again)
Nooworks Dress
Jennifer Moore Straw Hat
Lodispotto Shoes
Handmade Kitty Cameo Necklace (made by my Mom)


  1. One element I like about this outfit is that it's composed of "meaningful" elements: dress from your honeymoon trip to San Francisco, shoes from your trip to Japan, and hand-crafted Kitty cameo necklace made just for you by me!

    Where did you get the hat?

  2. @ Mom - I found the hat on Etsy! While I can't say that I plan outfits around meaningful elements, I have always enjoyed finding pieces during my travels (or handmade things from you) and incorporating them into my wardrobe. Tim and I are going to Portland for our anniversary and I hope that we find some treasures while there!

  3. I can't thank you enough for the lovely comment on my blog! I appreciated that you took the time to respond to my crazy rant. Thank you again. I think your outfit is absolutely adorable! I worry about accessories sometimes too but really when it comes down to it I just don't like a lot of accessories. So rather than forcing yourself to put things on just do what feels natural for you. Although its nice to try new things, I try not to get worried about things like that. People want to see you for you and if you just aren't into a lot of jewelry than don't wear it. I love your goofy style on your blog and I hope that maybe we can keep in touch and do guest posts someday? Thanks again for your kind words. I hope your anniversary was lovely.

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