Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quantum Leap

Squiggle Dress (Full)
There are no artificial sweeteners sweet enough to sugarcoat how awful this week has been for me. As much as I would like to have a perpetually cheery disposition, I just can't put on a sunny facade when this week has felt like a seemingly endless parade of frustration and anxiety. It was so stressful at times that my brain felt like a lukewarm bowl of mashed potatoes. Upon reflecting upon my experiences once my brain felt a little less whipped, I kept thinking about the show Quantum Leap and how the protagonist Sam kept leaping through time to write the wrongs of the past. My trials this week could hardly compare to those depicted in the show, however, it was fun to mull over what I might do if I were such a time traveler. For instance, if I were able to leap through time and go back to the Sunday before this abysmal week, would my own holographic friend Admiral Al have given me abstract guidance about what I could have done to avoid certain calamity? Would he have reminded me to always butter the pan whenever I want to make cake worthy of presentation? Could he have given me a few hints about what trivial tasks will cause such consternation at work? I have never been much of one for regret or ruminating on what I could have done differently however, given the chance, it would have at least been nice to know on Sunday what I had in store for this week. Knowing is, after all, half the battle.
Squiggle Dress (Side)
One thing that I have been trying to do is to find healthy ways of reducing my anxiety and, as strange as it may be, wearing cohesive outfits is something the soothes me. While I do not think that I can articulate why exactly fashion has such a positive impact on my well-being, I just enjoy putting together outfits that feel like me and, the more often I'm out and about in an outfit that reflects my style, the happier I am. The outfit that I'm wearing here is one of my new favorites. On our honeymoon in San Francisco, Tim and I spent a lot of our time exploring different neighborhoods and I was lucky enough to find this dress in a shop that was on the southernmost edge of the Mission District. It was from a store that appeared to only sell reconstructed vintage clothing and every item was drool-worthy. Upon spying this dress and trying it on, I think that I primarily bought it because it was a different cut from most of the one-pieces I wear and I absolutely adored the squiggle design however, as I've worn it over the last year, I've just come to love its subtle details. The peter pan collar is just darling and, much to my surprise, this is the only dress I've worn thus far that looks good with a sweater layer on top. In the summer, I like to pair this piece with somewhat zany yet complimentary accessories - I prefer to select items that tie into the colors of the showpiece of an outfit and, in this instance, I love how the over-sized straw cloche and toucan purse create just the right amount of delightful wackiness. I love how this outfit feels totally like me and that makes me feel quite happy indeed.
Squiggle Dress (Back)
I think that one reason why outfits aide in reducing my anxiety is that they help me feel more, well, like me. In the past year and a half, I have dealt with such an incredible amount of stress that I feel like I have become disconnected from the things that matter to me. Outfits, as trivial as they may be, help me to feel more motivated to explore the world. As easy as it may be for me to lay around in a fog and watch Law and Order: SVU on on-demand for sixteen hours straight, a cohesive and fun outfit can serve as just enough inspiration to get me out of the house and enjoy experiencing the wonders of the city. It may take more than an outfit to shake this nagging anxiety but I like to think that they're bringing me at least a little bit closer to happiness. Here's to conquering anxiety, one outfit at at time.
Squiggle Dress (Close-Up)
Squiggle Dress (Ants)
Taxi CDC Squiggle Dress
Stripes Cloche
Pink Duchess Shoes
Vintage Purse


  1. This is a gorgeous dress! I am glad to hear fashion is somewhat of an anxiety calmer for you. I feel that dressing up really makes me feel confident and ready to take on the day. I hope your upcoming weeks treat you better than this last one.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment, Ashlyn! It is amazing how something as simple as an outfit can really help to boost one's mood.

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